ANOINT | No.6 Intuition Oil | Third Eye Chakra

ANOINT | No.6 Intuition Oil | Third Eye Chakra

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For those who are seekers of truth, insight, wanting to connect with the spirit realm, angels and guides and other issues relating to the Third Eye Chakra. Detox your Chakras today!

Proudly Australian Made and Owned. Support Local and Aussie!

  • LOCATION Between and behind the eyes
  • VIBRATION The colour of this centre is indigo
  • ELEMENT Light
  • SENSE Sight and ESP
  • ZONES Brain, eyes, ears, nervous system, nose, pineal and pituitary glands.
  • ISSUES Wanting to seek the truth. Issues of inadequacy are stored within this chakra. Emotional intelligence and capacity to learn from experience. Intellect and inspiration. Being able to perceive the bigger picture. Connection with the spirit realm, angels and guides.
  • Deep lines between brows
  • Cleanse face and neck area
  • Warm several drops of oil in hands and gently massage into facial area until absorbed
  • Use 6. Intuition Oil as part of your ENERGY CARE PLAN for your CHAKRAS
  • Apply AM and PM to forehead and sides of nose
  • Dosage roll on 5 cm of oil
  • We use only the finest jojoba seed oil and  essential oils
  • Key Essential Oils: Champaca, Cypress and Frankincense
  • This is a registered product of Australia
  • Anoint® uses Organic products where possible 
  • Disclaimer- Anoint makes no medical or therapeutic claims
  • Reference and recommended reading for Chakra Zones and Issues: Caroline Myss “Anatomy of the Spirit”.

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