ANOINT | No.8 Trinity Oil | Transpersonal Point

ANOINT | No.8 Trinity Oil | Transpersonal Point

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For those who are wanting guidance from the Divine and need to look at situations symbolically and trust your place in the universe is perfect.

  • LOCATION Floats above the crown of the head
  • VIBRATION The colour of this centre is silvery platinum 
  • ZONES The Transpersonal Point or Eighth Chakra acts as a filter and anchor to your chakra system. The Transpersonal point anchors and filters the spiritual elements listed below to your throat, third eye and crown chakras. This allows the correct spiritual energy to flow into your chakras. These elements are housed within the Transpersonal point representing the trinity of the cosmic mind, creating the vibration of expression, karma and knowledge. They are: Akasa (knowledge), Ether (expression) and Fohat (creation).These elements influence our perception of reality and are responsible for the flow and regulation of universal rays flowing into our conscious mind.
  • ISSUES Integration of self, acceptance of guidance, detachment. Needing to see situations symbolically, or the archetypal influences in your life. Needing to truly connect with the Divine. Trusting that your place in the Universe is perfect and that you are fulfilling your sacred contract here on Earth.
  • Use 8. Trinity Oil as part of your ENERGY CARE PLAN for your CHAKRAS
  • Apply AM and PM to back of neck
  • Dosage roll on 5 cm of oil
  • We use only the finest jojoba seed oil and essential oils
  • Key Essential Oils: Frangipani, Sandalwood and Frankincense
  • This is a registered product of Australia
  • Anoint® uses Organic products where possible
  • Disclaimer- Anoint makes no medical or therapeutic claims

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